Aromatic Hive Community Forum


 Don’t we all love to chat, muse, ponder, share our passion, be inspired and share a creative space with like minded people? With the advent of the internet and Social Media this has never been easier to do.

 Within a bee hive there are lots of different roles and the bees all working together for one purpose, to survive, grow and remain healthy ensuring the stability of the hive. The hive is the central hub where everything begins and ends. All the bees in the hive are born there, they take on different tasks sharing their information with the others and all working in harmony. Bees go out to forage and bring back nectar and pollen to feed the other members. If they find a plentiful supply they return and perform the waggle dance which tells the other foragers the location and the distance of the food source. By sharing they survive and thrive.

 As part of the CPD Hive I’ve created a forum for anyone who is a subscriber. It’s a place to ask questions, ponder on blends, essential oils and anything aromatherapy related. It’s my hope that members will meet here to disseminate knowledge, gain friends and enrich their practice by sharing the space with like minded people

What’s going to be your first question?

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