Books in the Hive

Round bookshelf in public library


I must admit I have a serious addiction to books! Most of the therapists I know are like me with shelves full of books. I joke with my students part of studying aromatherapy is developing the book buying habit. Do you read yours cover to cover or just dip in and out as necessary when on a quest for information?

I have loved the idea of going to a book club, choosing a book each month, reading it and then having a meet up to ponder my thoughts on the book and discuss some of my musings with like minded people. I’ve never found that book club – so, as part of the CPD Hive I’ve created one! It’s free to join, I’ve chosen the books for the first 3 months but I’m open to suggestions for the months after that. Each month there will be a new book – some to read in full others just sections. Some will be paper books, other e-books and we may have the odd journal and research paper. I’ll load some questions for you to muse and ponder whilst you read. Once a month there will be a webinar to discuss our thoughts on the book – occasionally there will be a meet the author session

The great part is it’s FREE! There’s a log sheet to fill in to count it for CPD or just enjoy the chance to read, muse, chat and be part of the CPD Hive

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One thought on “Books in the Hive

  1. Hi thought I would let you know of the reading group at Somercotes library which meets every month the first Friday 2-3 in the afternoon. Gets you to read authors you wouldn’t normally pick we have a good discussion afterwards and views are all ways different.

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