Introducing the CPD Hive

colorful beehives in spring orchard

Over the last year I’ve been working on creating CPD to offer on my online training website. While I was inspecting the bees one afternoon I spent a while watching them working, busy as ever in the warmth of the afternoon sun. They all have their own jobs, graduating through the ranks as they get older. The bees all work together with one aim – to bring pollen and nectar into the hive to feed, nourish and add vitality to the hive enabling them all to thrive, grow and support the queen.

 As I pondered in the afternoon sunshine about the bees I thought about CPD and how lots of different activities can all work towards the same purpose of educating aromatherapists and driving our profession forward. With this in mind I have created a ‘CPD hive’ which will be launched on 20th March (Ostara – the spring equinox). Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing you to parts of the hive, snippets about bees, and when you sign up to the mailing list you’ll get opening offers.

 Join the buzz today!!

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