If my house was on fire ….

If my house was on fire


After reading the Elizabeth Gilbert article on happiness jars in which she says that if her house was on fire her jar would be the one thing she would take I began to ponder. What would I take? If I had could take three things but one had to be aromatherapy related what would they be?

After much pondering I decided that I would take:

My lady sculpture which sits on top of my bathroom cupboard. She has viewed the house from many different positions over the years. Sculpted by a friend she share’s a secret with me which only my closest friends know.

Second would be the photo of me and my Granddad outside the front door of the house I moved into when I was three years old (around the time the picture was taken). He is the reason I love gardening. I spent many hours with him in a wonderful old rickety greenhouse ‘helping’ set seeds, take cuttings, sieve soil and working the earth. The greenhouse was surrounded by roses which probably accounts for my love of roses and rose essential oil

My final thing would be the traditional Bulgarian wooden perfume bottle which holds the essential oil I bought when I visited the Rose festival. I only have to open the lid and I’m instantly transported back to the warmth and magic of the Rose Valley.

What would be your three things?

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