Happiness in a Jar

Memory Jar 1

Around this time last year I saw a wonderful idea on Facebook. At the beginning of the year you start with an empty jar which needs to be quite large as I’ve found out! You can them fill it by:

  • Each time you do something memorable, as a family, new or it just makes you feel good put something to remind you in the jar. Tickets, notes, photographs – anything that won’t go mushy or smell bad!
  • At the end of every day write down the most positive thing that has happened on a piece of paper and place it in the jar

I filled mine just with memorable events as I’m not always organised enough to do something every day (that’s another thing I want to do this year). We recently emptied ours and spent a wonderful few hours recounting memories and making plans for things we want to do this year – on our own, as a couple and as a family!

Elizabeth Gilbert has a great piece on Happiness Jars on her website


Add an Aromatic twist

Why not write down your thoughts on blends, favourite oils, snippets of information or pictures and make it an ‘aromatic happiness jar’

essential oils with herbal flowers on science sheet







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