Le Colle Sur Loup Rose Festival

La Colle Sur Loup Rose Festival

Sunday arrived in a blaze of sunshine and expectation. We set off into the centre of the Village where the festival takes place each year. There are stalls selling rose plants, rose products, preserves and traditional pottery, wood craft and food. The morning starts with a parade of old cars, motorbikes and vehicles through the narrow village streets. Traditional dancers and musicians take their place in the square to perform before the Mayor gives a speech about the traditional rose trade in the area. There is a wood fired still in place near the square producing rosewater from rose petals picked after the dew had them early that morning. La Socca (a pancake made from chick pea flour and olive oil) is cooked in huge pans, cut into slices and sold hot to be drunk with ice cold Provencal rosé wine to replenish appetites at lunchtime. Bruce the baker and patisserie in the village has truly excelled with rose and violet ice cream, flower shaped meringues on lollipop sticks, rose meringues and every type of cake imaginable. Handmade chocolates are available in the air conditioned shop. Stilt walkers entertain the crowd and displays of traditional trades enthral the many onlookers. The images say it all!

La Colle Sur Loup Rose Festival montage

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