The Perfume Apprentice

Perfumers apprentice

So now it was my turn to have a go. Growing up in a garden full of flowers and making rose perfume in any available jam jar gave me a love of fragrance at an early age. This coupled with the fact that my Mum worked in a chemist so at the end of each season she could bring home perfume testers definitely sealed my fate. After a quick tour of the displays in the reception area and a chance to view a perfumers organ we began. Sat at my own mini organ, wearing an apron that said I was a Fragonard perfumer (which you get to keep!) we were guided through the history of Fragonard, the source of the materials used in the perfume and how a perfume is made. We then started or our creation. Each component is placed on a smelling stick and inhaled; we shared our initial thoughts and then smelled again adding more and more description to the aroma. Between each one we buried our noses deep into the creases of our elbows taking deep breaths to clear our nose of the previous aroma. After sampling each one we made a basic cologne recipe which we could then personalise further. The session concluded with a tour of the factory to see the bottling and traditional enfleurage room with its wonderful wooden frames and glass sides and were used for obtaining the fragrance from delicate flowers such as jasmine and tuberose and the soap making process. There was then a chance to make purchases at the shop before wandering through the square for a well earned lunch as my French (the workshop was only available in French the day we visited) had definitely been tested. Afterwards I visited the International museum of perfumery.

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