Completing the Circle

Completing the Cirlce

Sometimes in life a circle completes itself, a chance meeting or event can lead to much greater life changing events taking place. Occasionally the circle will complete and you have a chance to reflect and say thank you. This is the case and why I’m writing this post.

 When I was in my early twenties I suffered a series of quite bad chest infections that were treated with a succession of slowly stronger antibiotics. The chest infection eventually cleared and looking back I realise it was at a time when I was suffering a lot of stress and sadness in my life which was probably the cause of my depleted immune system. The antibiotics left me tired, drained and with a serious infection of candida that could not be rectified no matter what the doctor prescribed.

My Mother and Grandmother had always foraged, baked and used some natural remedies and old wives tales to heal but modern medicine had taken over. I was a child of the 70’s prescribed the wonderful pink penicillin syrup for any snuffle.

I grew slowly more ill and seemingly unable to rid my body of this ‘good bacteria’. In desperation I visited the local herbalist at the health shop. I remember the shop to this day – slightly dark with a wonderful deep, rich herb aroma that you could smell even when you walked past the shop. The herbalist was a small grey haired man wearing a brown overall. I explained my symptoms and asked if he could help. He prescribed dried leaves to be brewed into tea and drunk twice a day, capsules to increase my body’s own flora and advised what I should eat and what to avoid. I went away with my purchases slightly sceptical but within 3 days my symptoms where greatly reduced and within a week the candida gone.

I then began to read books, search out information and experiment with herbs. Any illness was treated naturally if possible, a visit to the shop the next line of attack and if all else failed then it was off to see my GP.

Years passed and the health shop disappeared, I trained as an aromatherapist and set up my own practice. A client came who has been a regular for many years and she turned out to be the daughter of the herbalist. A week or so ago she phoned and asked if I would see her father as he was suffering with pain from a hip that needs replacing. He’s now in his 90th year, he is in good health apart from a GP diagnosed syndrome called ‘it’s your age’! He has hardly changed in the 25 years since I last visited the shop.

It was a wonderful and humbling experience to treat a man who undoubtedly was one of the people who set me on the path to being a therapist, working with the gifts that nature can give and helping ensure that our knowledge of this world is not only developed but passed to the next generation

One thought on “Completing the Circle

  1. That’s absolutely amazing Anita, I wonder if these things do happen purely by chance? I find it very strange how these coincidences occur.

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