Summers Here ……………….. I Think!

Well we seem to be playing the usual game of hide and seek with the summer sun. As I write this post we are in the middle of a thunderstorm with alternating rain and hail stones. I’m just hoping it doesn’t dash the flowers down too much in the garden as it is looking glorious. For those of you who follow me on Facebook you will have seen the recent photos of my garden. I’ve added a couple at the bottom of this post for those who don’t

The bees seem to be Ok despite the rescued colony being diagnosed with European Foulbrood. We have a movement order in place on the apiary and the FERA bee inspector needs to come and inspect again in a few weeks. We have had to feed all the hives for the last couple of weeks due to the dry weather and lack of forage. Thankfully they seem to be out foraging again and return with their pollen baskets full to the brim

This month I’m focusing on using aromatherapy to deal with summer problems – insect bites, stings, sunburn etc as I prepare to go off on my summer holidays.

The Facebook oil for the month is Lavender (my patch is just coming into flower) with the recipe being for Lavender Shortbread (one of my favourites!)

There’s 2 New Moons this month on the 1st (sorry you’ve missed this one as the blog is late!) and the 30th. The Full Moon is on the 30th

There will be a couple of quick ‘is this it’ style posts as well

Whatever your plans for the summer I hope you have a wonderful one


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