Seasonal Skin Care

Sunkissed skin

Early summer is a time when we are usually preparing for our summer holidays. Whether you go for the pale and interesting or sun kissed look it is important that you keep your skin in good condition, using sun protection and ensuring that your skin is moisturised from the inside and out.

Drinking water (at least 1.5 litres per day) helps to keep the body hydrated and the skin in good condition. If you have a tendency for dry skin or eczema it can also be beneficial to take a supplement of evening primrose or starflower oil. Eating the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day ensures that you have a good supply of the water soluble vitamins which are vital in the cell renewal process within the body.

To ensure the skin is in tip top condition there are a few of my favourite tips below:

Exfoliator – these help to remove the dead and dry skin from the surface, brightening and enlivening the skin. These can be made using a carrier oil and an exfoliating agent (sugar – brown is luscious!, oatmeal or even coarse salt) with a few drops of your favourite essential oils mixed together to create a thick paste that gives a wonderful ‘polished’ effect on the skin. To use, wet the skin and work the exfoliator into it using the hands or a polishing cloth. Shower away, pat dry with a soft towel and finish with a thick moisture cream. These are a little coarse for the face but you can use fine caster sugar or fine oatmeal for an exfoliator on the face. Some of the aromatherapy companies sell exfoliator bases

Gels – these can be used to cool the skin after a hot day. Simply add a few drops of essential oil to aloe vera gel and apply to the skin for instant cool. Even better if you keep the gel in the fridge! For a touch of moisture you can add some carrier oil or for a lighter gel you can add your favourite hydrolat. This is something that you need to experiment with to find your own favourites. My favourite is aloe vera gel and rose hydrolat with a couple of drops of geranium added

Hydrolat spritzers – these are great for carrying with you to freshen and cool the skin on very hot days. Simply mix your favourite hydrolats together and decant into a spray top bottle. A must in every summer handbag!

Oil sprays – these can be applied after a shower or a bath. Mix together even amounts of hydrolat and a ‘thin’ carrier oil (coconut, grapeseed or safflower) with distilled water or a hydrolat in a spray top bottle. Shake vigorously and apply to slightly damp skin directly after a shower or bath.

One vital thing is that we protect our skin against damage from the sun – always apply sun cream (even on overcast days), ensuring that you use a high factor sun-cream and reapply during the day.

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