The ups and downs of life

Ups & Downs - rollercoaster

Last weekend I spent the whole weekend doing the catering for an event that my partner had organised. For 2 days previous to the event I baked, planned and prepared as well as doing my usual household things and running my business. Whilst I am used to catering for parties for family and friends this was something that I only had knowledge of a few days previous as the normal caterer had thrown a ‘strop’ and refused to have anything to do with the event. Over the 2 and a half days of the event I never had time to sit down and food was rushed and eaten on the go. I even had to bake again Saturday evening / Sunday morning as we had nearly run out of cakes (I baked and sold 250 portions of cake). Everyone at the event was very pleased and passed on lots of wonderful comments about the high standard of the food, service and welcome. Some of the other members’ wives helped me and to them I extend my very grateful thanks. We made a good profit which helped to offset the running of the event and still left a small profit

But there’s always one isn’t there! The committee has received a complaint from a member who said the standard of food wasn’t as good (he has got totally the wrong end of the stick and thinks that the ‘normal caterer’ has been sacked and not that she refused to do it) and had made the comment on this basis. This comment is the one that has stuck with me – why do we do this? Of all the wonderful things that have been said I can’t get rid of the negative one.

Today I’ve decided its time for it to go!

So, I’ve written this article to help me air my feelings. I am also about to print this off and take it out to my garden incinerator and cast it into the flames!

For the last few days I’ve been using an essential oil blend ofCypress, Frankincense and Grapefruit to help me let go of the anger, release the negative thoughts and clear the air.

After the flames have subsided I’m going to use a blend of May Chang and Lime to lift me up and make me smile again

Do negative feelings have a way of overcoming the positive with you? If so, how do you deal with them?

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