Aromatherapy and Colour

Aromatherapy and Colour

Rainbow swirl

This is a subject that has drawn me to it over the last couple of years. Colour surrounds us in our daily lives. We all have a favourite colour and one which we dislike. Can there be a connection between the colours you love and hate and your personality? Also can these personality traits be influenced and balanced by the use of essential oils that are linked with each colour?

I began to explore it more with clients and friends coming up with some surprising results. I presented my findings as part of the seminars I spoke at in Taiwan when I visited last year. I also have the great pleasure of speaking on the subject on March 16th as part of the teleconferences presented by the AIA ( During this teleconference we will start to explore colours. We will look at how we see colour and how it affects our mood. We will then explore 6 colours looking at the personality types with which they link and look at essential oils for each colour.

A few surprising facts about colour include:

  • People tend to feel colder in rooms painted light blue
  • People feel warmer in rooms painted red
  • In yellow rooms babies cry more and people are more inclined to lose their  temper
  • People feel less empowered in pink rooms

There’s another post later this month about ‘colour’ blends

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