Detox & Declutter

I am sure these are both terms that we all have used a lot! Why do we need to do it though?


Detoxing is a way of cleaning the body from the inside and out. It removes all the toxins that have built up in the tissues from eating rich and processed foods. By detoxing, the kidneys are cleansed allowing them to function more effectively. Simple and effective ways to detox the body involve:

  • Drinking lots of fresh, pure water
  • Drinking herbal teas such as nettle to purify the blood
  • Eating fresh fruit and vegetables cooked in simple ways i.e. steaming with fresh herbs
  • Cutting down or eliminating red meat from your diet
  • Eating fresh fish and chicken
  • Not eating processed food
  • Cutting down or eliminating food containing yeast from your diet

Essential oils are great for helping the body release toxins. In this months workshop we will look at ways of using essential oils to help detox the body.

The workshop is on 6th January at 7 – 9.00pm. The cost is £20. If you haven’t already booked places are limited so contact me asap:


Skype: essentiallyholistic

Text or phone: 07951 701406

Decluttering is about clearing the space around you! I have found this really effective over the last couple of years. I seem to need to clear things out to make space for new things to come along and fit in. WE also sometimes need to clear the space in our heads, bringing things to a close, giving ourselves permission to move forward and releasing us from the past. My next article will focus on blends to do just that.

Last year I started to subscribe to the Zen habits blog which I found by accident one day whilst searching for something else. I love this blog. It has given me real inspiration and made me look at things in a different way. Take a look and see what you think

Until next time have fun clearing some space to let something new and exciting in!

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