I smell Christmas!

Nuts and spices for christmas cake

I am sure we all have certain smells which remind us of Christmas.

This year for the first time in many we have decided to have a real Christmas tree. We have bought a pot grown one so hopefully we can put it outside after Christmas and it can come back into the house for many Christmas’ to come. This morning when I came downstairs there was a wonderful pine smell filling the lounge!

We are going to decorate the tree using natural and home-made decorations. Yesterday we made gingerbread shapes which we strung onto ribbons and hung on the tree. Tonight its orange shortbread stars with glace icing. This will then start and build up the wonderful smell that reminds me of Christmas. Other additions to the tree will be dried orange, lime, lemon and apple slices. With garlands made from dried cranberries, golden raisins and monkey nuts!

I think my Christmas smell comes from my Mum baking mincemeat, puddings and cakes when I was a child.

Essential oils can be used to create seasonal blends. For room sprays use about 5 – 10ml of alcohol (vodka is fine) to dissolve your choice of essential oils (around 5 drops of each – 15 – 20 in total). Put this mixture into a small spray bottle and top up with water. Then simply give it a shake and spray!

My favourite blends are:

Christmas Spice

Equal quantities of:

Sweet Orange




Needles & Baubles

Equal quantities of


Black Spruce



Wreath & Swags

Equal quantities of

Bay leaf


Juniper Berry


Luxurious Gifts

Equal quantities of:



Red Mandarin


Spicy Pudding

Equal quantities of:




Sweet Orange


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