Ice, Snow and Bad Weather warnings!

As I sit writing this article we are experiencing the largest snowfall I can remember since I was in my teens. It took us by surprise in the night on Friday. There had been snow in the North for a couple of days but although it had been forecast in the Midlands none had arrived. We woke Saturday morning to about 10 cm of snow which is about a normal amount for Derbyshire. After lulling us into a false sense of security it snowed heavily on Tuesday night to welcome December. When I went to let out the chickens it came up to my knees in places. The drifts were amazing and large amounts of snow clung fearlessly onto the tops of the fence and pergola.

When I opened the door on the coop out rushed Bubbles quickly followed by Fluffy, Rocky and Maisie. It was a really funny when Bubbles saw the snow, braked and all the others piled into the back of her. She quickly back pedaled into the warmth of the coop and I left four heads looking out and wondering where it had all come from!!!

Benammi was sent home from school on Tuesday morning and he has been off for the rest of the week. We have used the time productively making the Christmas cake, taking photos of the snow, playing in the snow, designing the Christmas card and wrapping presents. I am now catching up with this Blog and planning my posts for next year.

I walked to my hair appointment yesterday (vanity wins over the weather!!!) and was amazed when I got back that my Able & Cole veg box had been delivered ( I e-mailed them and said I thought the driver was a total hero for delivering in such bad conditions. So we now have lots of fresh fruit and veg to make into delicious meals. We have no hope of getting on the allotment to get fennel, kale, Jerusalem artichokes and the other vegetables that are still in the ground.

I am using warming oils in the diffuser to help keep our spirits up and the germs away. Blends have included:

  • Ginger and Sweet Orange
  • Green Mandarin, Lemongrass & Clove
  • Clove, Bergamot and Lime
  • Lime, Nutmeg and Ho-wood

Having just looked at the weather forecast there’s more snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow! Then it turns cold – as if it isn’t already!! The temperature barely comes above freezing for the next week with forecast of -12 degrees Celsius overnight.

Looks like I might get all those jobs done that I’ve been putting off for ages

Bird house in the snow

You can see more snowy photos at:

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