I’ve been a bit busy!

I am sure we have all made this statement at some time or other in our lives. Well, I have and this is part of the reason that my blog posts haven’t been very regular.

We went off to France in the Summer and had a wonderful time catching up with friends and visiting new places. Whilst I was there I was invited to visit Hong Kong and Taiwan at the end of October to present some seminars and do some CPD training. After pondering for at least a minute I replied that I would love to go. I had never been to Asia before and it didn’t disappoint me at all. In fact I had a fantastic time!

My first stop was Hong Kong, arriving to 25 degrees sunshine after leaving the grey, drizzle of the UK it was warm, welcoming and wonderful. I stayed on Lamma Island which is a total contrast to Hong Kong Island. I felt calm and relaxed on there allowing me time to recover from my journey and prepare myself for the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. I acted as External Examiner for the Fleur Aromatherapy (http://fleur-aromatherapy.com) practical exams. On the Sunday evening I presented a 2 hour seminar about “Aromatherapy in the United Kingdom”. Some of the students who had taken their exam that day stayed on and the number was made up to 30 with other practising therapists. I had chance to see some of the sites of Hong Kong visiting the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, Soho and the Central escalator. The Jade, Flower and Bird markets and lastly Cat St. Market

Monday morning I set off for the next part of my adventure. I flew to Taipei where I presented some training sessions for the staff at Just Herb and presented 2 public seminars for them on the subject on “Aromatherapy and Colour”. I had the most wonderful time with the staff at Just Herb (http://www.justherb.com.tw). We visited the mountains and had traditional Chinese tea.  The first of the seminars was in Kaohsiung so we took the fast train (380km in 90 minutes). The next day the seminar was in Taipei and afterwards we went to one of the large shopping malls and ate in a Dim Sum restaurant. On the last day we visited a floral expo in the city. This was phenomenal, due to its layout and scale.

The food in both Hong Kong and Taiwan was amazing – very different from what we know as Chinese food. All of it served beautifully using fresh ingredients and a wonderful, exotic blend of flavours.

Then it was time for home – arriving back in England to rain! My suitcase decided it wasn’t quite ready for coming home so stayed in Schipol airport. It finally arrived home 12 hours after me – but that’s what you get with a zebra print suitcase!

You can view photos of my trip by using the links below:

My Hong Kong trip 2010

My Taiwan trip 2010



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