Welcome to My Blog – May 2010


Welcome to my Blog for May. The weather is now getting warmer but there are still the occasional overnight frosts. There are definite signs of spring in the air with all the bulbs in flower, blossom on the tress and bees/butterflies in the air. I have been really busy in the garden and allotment preparing and planting seeds, plants and bulbs that will hopefully (slugs, rabbits and pigeons need to take note!) supply us with fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers over the summer.

My blog this month will focus on spring. A time of renewal and growth. If we plan effectively we can give ourselves a great boost and energy to make things happen. Don’t forget to review your goals and set new ones for the coming month.

Moons this month are:

New Moon – 14th May

Full Moon – 28th May

Personally I fulfilled a long time wish over the weekend by visiting Kew Gardens. We had a wonderful weekend and the weather was very kind to us. It is a place where you could visit many times, there’s so much to see and explore. A truly wonderful place!

Blog articles this month will feature:

  • Grounding and nurturing aromatherapy oils and blends
  • Growing aromatic plants
  • Bees, bugs and beetles
  • Companion planting
  • Recipe for dandelion flower jam (yes, it isn’t a typo!)

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