Spring Cleaning the House!

Spring cleaning

Using Essential Oils as part of your house cleaning routine is a simple and very effective way of reducing dust, allergens, bacteria and mites. It also leaves the house with a wonderful clean fresh smell. A little care needs to be taken with the choice of oils so that the overall effect is not too overpowering. Some of my favourite ways of using oils include:

Washing the pots:

Add 6 – 8 drops of essential oil to a new bottle of unscented washing up liquid (Ecover do a good one!). It adds a wonderful aroma as well as helping remove grease.

My favourite oils include – Lemon, Lime, Thyme, Pine & Orange

You can also add a drop of essential oil onto a dishwasher tablet before adding it to the machine or put a few drops into the rinse aid

Washing wooden and tiled floors

I have tiled floors through my ground stairs which are great for keeping down dust etc. They really sparkle when I use the following mix to mop them:

2 tablespoons of soda crystals

3 drops Lavender essential oil

2 drops Petitgrain essential oil

2 drops Lemon essential oil

You can also use this on wooden floors or cushion floor


I add a couple of drops of essential oils either onto the filter or bag of the vacuum to help scent the air whilst I am using the vacuum.

My Favourite oils include – Roman Chamomile, May Change, Lemon, Lavender and Orange


There is nothing like getting into a bed with sheets that have been blown dry in the sunshine! You can use essential oils as part of you laundry routine in quite a few ways:

Wash cycle – add a couple of drops to your fabric conditioner

Tumble Drying – add a couple of drops on a piece of kitchen roll or cotton handkerchief along with the drying

Hand Washing – add a couple of teaspoons of hydrolat to your rinsing water

My favourites include – lavender, chamomile and rose


You can add essential oils or hydrolats to the water used in the steam whilst you iron in a couple of ways:

1. Use hydrolat and water (about 50/50) in the water tank of your iron

2. Dissolve a couple of drops of essential oil on some alcohol and top up with about 300ml of water. This can then be used in a spray bottle or the water tank of the iron

My favourites include – lavender, chamomile and rose

Cleaning the windows

You can make up a solution in a spray bottle for cleaning glass and windows in the following way:

50ml white vinegar

6 – 8 drops of essential oils (I tend to use citrus oils – lemon, lime, orange, petitgrain, grapefruit)

Blend these two ingredients together in a spray bottle

Then top up to 500ml with water.

Spray on the windows, wipe over, then polish with a separate cloth or chamois

Cleaning surfaces

For a general surface cleaner you can make a spray using:

20ml alcohol (vodka)

12 – 16 drops of essential oils (these can be a mix of antibacterial and other oils – I tend to include thyme, lavender and lemon)

Blend these together in a spray bottle and then gradually fill up with water. Shake before use each time.

Cleaning paste – you can make a very effective cleaning paste using:

2 desert spoons of bicarbonate of soda

Add to this a few drops of essential oil and then carefully add water to mix to a workable paste.

Use this as you would a general surface cleaner.

CAUTION – it is abrasive in action

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